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Save Time! Follow These Style Tips to Get Dressed Faster

Saturday, August 12, 2017 5:30:17 PM Asia/Calcutta

The morning rush ends up with getting late for college, workplace or any other place you planned to go for the day . No matter how hard you try to be on time, you get puzzled when the question strikes—What to wear! It’s a tough call for many to decide which top will be perfect for a meeting, how to get dressed for a perfect date or which shoes will be comfortable for a short trip. To help you make the call , we have put together some hints to help you dress faster and apt for any occasion .

Decide your outfits on Sunday night


Everything goes perfect when it is planned in advance, likewise, you should decide your outfits ahead on a Sunday night to avoid scrambled mornings for the entire week. Keep your wardrobe clean and fresh so that you do not get confused. Forecast the places you need to go in the coming week and if there is any quick dinner date or occasion, keeping the wardrobe clean will make it easy for you to select.

Wear simple makeup


For the morning hours , it is too soon to apply bright makeup - so try to keep it simple and easy as you start the day . Keep the basic makeup products such as kajal, eyeliner, concealer, brushes and lipstick over the dressing table to avoid wasting time finding them -ultimately leading to hastily applied kajal or blush. Also, carry a lipstick in your handbag - for a much needed touch up time to time .

Prepare for a sudden meeting


A sudden meeting in 10 minutes !! Right , we have all been in such situations. Getting ready in a hurry, never comes without spilling some coffee or food over your shirt . In that case , always be prepared for sudden calls by keeping an extra top, shirt or trouser at the office. Also , During monsoon season carrying an umbrella is a must as reaching workplace all drenched , not a good idea.

Minimum clothing options prevents fuss


Fewer options in the wardrobe give you an advantage of making quick decisions. Always keep fewer choices in your closet so that you do not get confused for a sudden plan. Store the party dresses separately and keep the casual daily wardrobe separate . Also time to time - keep rotating weekly clothing following the latest trend or season . These tips will surely help you save your morning time and give you a happy kickstart for the day ahead !! It is rightfully said - ‘ A day that starts well , sure ends up even better.’

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